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Known Typographical and Miscellaneous Errors in the Book's First Printing

The authors reluctantly admit that they are slightly less than perfect.  A big thank you to all of those wonderful mistake finders.  The world would simply not be the same without people that are great at pointing out the mistakes of others.  This page is for you! 

Authors' Notes

In Chapter 13 we introduce the Demand Driven Adaptive System (p.267 – 269).  The Demand Driven Adaptive System has since been revised to be called the Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise (DDAE) model.  We could not make the correction in time for printing.  We have since extensively expanded the DDAE model.  Below is a graphical depiction of the DDAE model (replacing Figure 13-1).  For more information on the DDAE model visit the Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise Model page on the Demand Driven Institute website.

Version 1 (released in 2016)

Version 1 (2016)

Errors and Corrections

p. 114, Figure 7-20, variability factor should be .33 not .5, totals are ok.


p. 115, Figure 7-21, no ADU included in second Green zone equation and first Red zone equation.  (DLT x lead time factor x ADU).


p. 128 - 129, Figure 8-1 and 8-2 have an incorrectly calculated "Red" column from the second row down.  Updated figures are below.

p.130, Figure 8-5, Had wrong LTF and VF values starting at Mar 15.  Updated Figure below.

Figure 8-5.jpg

p.131, Figure 8-6, Corrected graphic to account for changes in Figure 8-5

p. 187, Figure 9-50, Part# 310, demand allocation should be 125 rather than 105.


p. 193, Revised minimum spend threshold to $19,000


p. 194, Revised Figure 9-61 for only two pallet recommendations as per the new spend threshold (part #10 no longer selected).


P. 201, Figure 9-68 was an older graphic version that slipped through.   Current Figure 9-68 provided is below.

p.202, Fig 9-71, Average on hand target after 201 decoupling should be 1680 units rather than 2588 units.  Updated Figure 9-71 is provided.

p.226, Fig 10-26, This figure is incorrectly the exact same as Fig 10-27. Actual Figure 10-26 provided below.

p.229, Fig 10-30, Part PO113562 should be marked “Green – YES” in the current column.  Updated Figure 10-30 below.

p.282, Fig 13-7, Current average working capital total should be $148,310$ rather than $168,310.  New figure provided below.

p.283, Fig 13-8, Item# XYZ, projected maximum pallet positions should be 141 pallets rather than 161 pallets.

p.302, Fig A-10, Item ID: L, period 6, projected on hand should be 100 + 250 - 20 = 330 rather than 80.  Similarly period 7 will be 310 rather than 60 and period 8 will be 290 rather than 40


p.304, Fig A-12, Item ID: D, safety stock has been forgotten. It is left with 5 pieces of stock where safety stock is 100 units.  Change Item ID D to the new Figure A-12 provided.

p.339, The correct index referral to "ADU Alert" is on page 109 (not page 107)

P. 341 – The correct index referral to “Matrix Bill of Material” appears on page 71 (not page 73)

Version 2 (released in 2018)

Version 2 (2018)
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