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DDMRP downloads

Get Informed  About DDMRP with These Free Downloads

The Power of Decoupling

By Chad Smith

See an in-depth diagnosis behind the need for flow and the disastrous compromises conventional MPS-MRP systems force planning personnel into every day.  Unlock the critical but elusive secret to immediate and dramatically better supply chain performance.

Lean Finds a Friend in DDMRP

By Carol Ptak and Chad Smith


MRP advocates and Lean advocates have been at odds for years.  Is it as simple as push versus pull?  What if they both have a common objective but are locked in a chronic conflict that obscures and distorts their ability to see it?  See how DDMRP provides the bridge that ends the chronic conflict and secures the common objective - FLOW.

The Reign of Flow: A New Path

By Carol Ptak and Alfonso Navarro Bustamente

Explore the key failing components of the MPS-MRP conventional approaches in protecting and promoting flow.

S&OP Versus Pull Based Models: A Chronic Conflict?

By Carol Ptak and Alfonso Navarro Bustamente

Bridge the gap between Sales and Operations Planning and pull based methods with DDMRP.

Demand Driven Symbols Download Pack

We have put together a PowerPoint file that contains many of the symbols and formats we used in the book to create demand driven designs.  Now your designs can look just like ours!  The file is an unsecured PowerPoint file.  We are placing these symbols and format in the public domain to support the Demand Driven Community.  Get the PPT file.

The REAL Story Behind the Bullwhip

By Chad Smith

Most people that deal with material requirements planning (MRP) systems on a daily basis know that something is and has been VERY wrong for many years.  But do we really understand what the real issue is and just how devastating the problem becomes for supply chain management in general?

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